The Account Trilogy

The Last Angel - The Account Trilogy

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The account trilogy – book one

The Last Angel

Fantasy, Metaphysical Visionary Fiction

‘God didn’t create the world; people like us did.’

After a chance encounter with a drunken man, Crystal looks for answers to who she is and why strange things keep happening to her since she turned twenty-one. She discovers a range of human half-bloods including Flyahs, Healahs & Angels – they’re not cute or necessarily friendly. They’re also living amongst us – and she’s one of them.

In her search for truth, she inadvertently discovers the Bible is a cover-up for the real, much more sinister story of the creation of Earth, heaven and hell – and why so many people disappear every day. The reality casts new light on the whole religious community, the world at large and who really is ‘in charge’ – whilst putting Crystal firmly in the headlights of danger. So many people want her kept quiet and the story to remain buried forever.

The first novel in THE ACCOUNT TRILOGY, THE LAST ANGEL is a fast-paced, metaphysical visionary fiction novel, that explores the link between faith and human capability. It crosses the lines between religious fantasy and paranormal fiction, giving you down-to-earth characters with out-of-this-world abilities.

the account trilogy – book two

Angel Uprising: Coming Summer 2022!

The second novel in THE ACCOUNT TRILOGY, is on its way! Book Two follows on where we left off in THE LAST ANGEL…

Being the truth bearer, whilst creating an army of full-bloods, is easier said than done.

The sole surviving angel – Crystal, has a hard job on her hands. Government and the religious fractions all want her kept quiet, and her own kind – the full-bloods – all seem to have their own axes to grind with society. Her quest for getting the truth to the masses will prove to be harder than she thought.

Those who offer Crystal support are preoccupied and facing problems of their own. Nathan – the recovering alcoholic flyah –is on an emotional rollercoaster, Crystal’s mother Izzy, is in denial, and Crystal’s best friend Emily, is having to endure huge changes – and a big secret – of her own. 

Friendships will be tested, relationships will reach crisis point and heartbreak is only just around the corner. Will they all have the strength and self-belief, to pull together and provide the help and support Crystal needs, to walk the path that destiny has dictated she must tread?


Angel Uprising