Terms of Service for Written Work

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. They exist to provide clarification for us both in the unlikely event of dispute. If you accept my estimate and commission me (I, Sarah White, the writer at Sarah PJ White), you (the client) are agreeing to these terms and conditions as set out below. If you have any questions, please contact me.


A no-obligation quotation will be supplied when you submit an email requesting to use my services. Unless otherwise agreed, the quotation will state the description, estimated length and time-scale of the project. Total price quoted will usually be a fixed-fee and will include consultation by email, two drafts of the project and any minor alterations. The quoted price does not include additional work above the scope of the original brief, complete rewrites or any out-of-pocket expenses.

Quotation – Blogging Service

A quotation will be supplied when you submit an email requesting to use my services. Unless otherwise agreed, the quotation will show a service to be provided for a fixed fee, payable automatically each month until you cancel the service. Monthly price quoted will include consultation by email (if needed), initial first draft and any minor alterations. The quotation price does not include the cost of rewrites or change of theme/topic – these will count as a new blog post and will be subsequently deducted from the agreed quantity of posts purchased.


You agree to send a confirmation email to me prior to work starting place. This email will clearly state that you are commissioning the work and will constitute a contract. It should indicate the nature of the work to be undertaken, the payment agreed and any deadline.


It is your responsibility to provide an accurate, detailed brief for the work to be undertaken. If you choose not to provide a detailed brief for the work to be undertaken but rely instead on a vague briefing, you accept that this may contain ambiguities which may be reflected in the resulting of creative work: you accept responsibility for this ambiguity and for any additional costs incurred in re-writing the copy accordingly. If you change the brief after the commencement of work, you agree to inform me as soon as possible and are liable for any potential additional costs (in terms of rewrites and/or additional time spent) that this change may incur.

Brief – Blogging Service

In addition to the above ‘Brief’ section, due to the nature and timescale of the blogging service I provide, if no detailed instructions have been received, the agreed quantity of blog posts will be written for your particular product/service, niche or theme, as outlined in their original brief. They will continue being written to fulfil the monthly requirement – or until a more detailed brief has been received.  If blogging services have been agreed but no requirements have been detailed by you (for example, a new website, revamped website or if there is no existing blog live on your site at that time), and I am therefore unable to write any blog posts, the monthly required quantity of blog posts cannot be carried forward to subsequent months without prior agreement.

Process & Timescale

I will produce an estimate of charges to deliver copy based on the information supplied by you. I reserve the right to amend this fee if the job takes longer than anticipated, or if your requirements change. I will produce a first draft in the timescale agreed and will expect amendments/revisions on a first draft within one week (7 days) of you receiving the first draft from me. I will write up to two (2) drafts in total within the initial estimate of charges. A longer time length may be agreed upon, but if after thirty (30) days following delivery of the first draft, subsequent amendments have not reached the final draft, I reserve the right to charge you the total cost of the job. Subsequent amendments after either a) the second or final draft is delivered, or b) sixty days from the date of the first draft delivery has passed, whichever is the sooner, will be charged to you at £35 per hour.

Process & Timescale – Blogging Service

Due to the nature and timescale of the blogging service I provide, blog posts are batch-written monthly by the 10th of each month, before being passed to you for editing. Therefore, amendments/revisions need to be received within 3 days of receiving the first draft from me, to enable enough time for them to be scheduled onto your site and go live in the timescales agreed.

 Payment Terms

All fees will be agreed to, and payable in full, in advance of any work commencing – except for projects exceeding 5,000 words. Projects exceeding 5,000 words will be subject to a 50% deposit prior to the start of the commission and the remaining 50% payable on completion of the first draft. Payment terms are by return from date of invoice by BACs, Stripe, GoCardless or PayPal. My BACS details will be stated on your invoice. I reserve the right to suspend ongoing services if payment is not received. You have no right to withhold or reduce payment based on your critical response to, or appraisal of, the copy I write for you, and you acknowledge my right to pursue payment in full should you elect for any reason to do this.


As writing is a subjective medium open to interpretation there will be no refunds of any kind. In the event of an unlikelihood that means I should choose to terminate an agreement, due to personal reasons/sudden illness, a full deposit will be refunded to you. However, in such cases, efforts will be made by me to out-source to another professional before a refund is passed back. In such cases, you have the right to refuse this method.  If you choose to have the work out-sourced the deposit will be passed to the new copywriter and you will be sent a receipt from The Blogging VA Ltd and your agreement with me is terminated.  No liability will be accepted. In such circumstances, you agree to indemnify me against any claim for compensation, loss or damages as a result of a delay caused to you or a third-party client.


Unless a rejection fee has been agreed in advance, there is no right to reject on the basis of style, composition, editing or my interpretation of your needs, amendments or circumstances. You are commissioning me based on my style and examples shown on my website or previous work. Copywriting & ghost-writing are a joint effort between the Client and the writer, therefore if you ask me to write the first draft and then decide you don’t want to use me without continuing to further draft stages, or decide at any stage that you will finish the work yourself or by using another agency I will charge you the full cost (100%) of my estimate and payment terms noted in these Terms and Conditions will apply.

Errors and Literals

I make every effort to ensure that copy is free of spelling mistakes and other literals. Early drafts may sometimes contain such errors, and my practice is to ensure that these are removed before a final draft is submitted to you. However, the responsibility for checking for spelling mistakes and literals is yours, and you indemnify me against any costs incurred as a result of the appearance of such errors in the final published form of any collateral in which you use the copy concerned, whether or not these errors appeared in any draft of the copy supplied by me.


I retain all copyright of any materials until the final payment has been made in full. Once full and final payment has been received, copyright for any ghost-written work will be passed to you (for example that of books and blog posts). The copyright for lead magnets and articles will remain with me unless previously agreed otherwise. For those products, I grant you permission to use my words for free after you’ve paid for them – but only in the publications or websites for which they were commissioned. I reserve the right to charge you extra for using them in publications, adverts and websites for which I did not write them or publications you did not tell me they were for. Unless you expressly prohibit it, I reserve the right to use excerpts of the project on the website sarahpjwhite.com and in my personal portfolio. Any excerpts used will be accompanied by a credit and/or link to you (or third-party client’s) website. 


I acknowledge that I will have access to certain privileged information during the course of certain ghost-writing projects. I agree to keep all information confidential from any and all third parties, during and after the course of the project. This includes content, audiotapes, notes and diagrams. Once full and final payment has been received for work, you will accept sole responsibility and liability for the written content of the finished project.


I will not be liable to you for any loss of profits, consequential, economic, or indirect loss arising in any way in connection with the performance (or non-performance) of the obligations related to any commission. In addition, you will indemnify me against any loss incurred as a result of civil claims or proceedings brought against me based upon any advertising and other work prepared for you and approved by you before publication. 

Client Satisfaction

I take great pride in my work and aim to consistently deliver a professional and exceptional service. However, I accept that there can be misconceptions in any creative undertaking. Should you be sufficiently dissatisfied with the finished draft of the Project, having given what they understand to be a successful briefing, submitted clear notes and answered any queries, they should contact me in writing and allow me the opportunity to resolve the issues raised. On receipt of a further commissioned draft, if you still consider that I have failed to deliver a Project suitable for their purpose, as detailed in their Brief, you are at liberty to terminate the Contract. The full balance will still be due for the full quoted amount (to compensate for the hours I have spent on the brief). If a deposit has been paid in advance, this will NOT be refunded. This does not constitute an admission of fault or inability to deliver the Project on my part.


When you contact me to write copy for you, you acknowledge that I may, from time to time, engage the services of other competent professional copywriters to help me deliver all or part of the work which you require. In such a case, I undertake to review and amend the work before it is presented to you, and to ensure that the work is of the quality and professionalism you would expect had I written it in its entirety myself.

UK Law

This agreement is subject to the Laws of the UK, and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in respect of any dispute or difference arising under the agreement.

Updated 21st March 2022