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As a small business owner your time is valuable. There's a lot that needs doing within your business to create, market and provide your products and services - and keeping your focus during this time is tough!

I can totally appreciate how it feels for you at the moment. You need to make a living (and this means you NEED to be visible and still producing blogs and social media content), but you also want to run away and hide until this is all over...

And that's why I want to help you out, however I can. Due to the current economic and health crisis, I know a lot of small business owners are struggling at the moment, for so many different reasons:

  • you're suddenly having to become home teachers to your little (and not so) ones
  • needing to adapt due to your partner being home and under your feet
  • being financially impacted, as your clients may not be buying your products and services, or committing to memberships and courses etc.

But, if you want to still earn during this crisis and come out of it the other side - you have to adapt AND keep using blogs and social media to promote your business!

But the reality is, you can't do it all - and you can't do it alone. We don't know how long these restrictions may last. I know a lot of you are mums to little ones and your time is now even more precious and stretched - and I want to do what I can to help.

Here's What I'm Offering

I'm not going to give you the hard sell here (it's just not me!) and lets face it - you all know people I write for (just check out the testimonials below!). So I'm just going to be honest and transparent with you - I'm feeling the pinch financially too and yet, I want to do what I can to help you, so you we can all get through this crisis together. So with that being said, here's the deal:

  • No contracts & no minimum timescales needed to claim this reduced pricing
  • Blogs for when you need them - batch written in one hit, so you can use them when you need them 
  • Simple, reduced, crazy pricing to reflect the current crazy time
  • Great quality written content, created specifically for you
  • 500 word blog posts - buy as many or few as you like
  • Discounted pricing, the more you buy
  • Optional one-off upgrade at checkout, to help you save more time and effort (Upgrade one-off fee covers: blog post upload (for dates you advise), Yoast-friendly SEO optimisation on each blog post, and stock image/blog feature image sourcing and upload.)

How Does It Work?

  1.  Simply click one of the buttons above, to buy the package of blog posts you need.
  2.  You'll then be sent to the checkout page - where you can decide if you want to upgrade for the blog post extras.  
  3. You'll need to enter an email address to create a Kajabi account (or log into your existing one, if you already have one). I can't override this - it's Kajabi's requirements, not mine!
  4. You'll be taken to a thank you page with an questionnaire on it, once you finished your purchase. I will need this information to write the best blog posts for your business!
  5. Once I receive your questionnaire, I'll send you over blog post topic suggestions (unless you have any to send over to me - in which case, please send them as soon via email to me, as you've completed the checkout!).

"Sarah has supported not only both of my businesses but that of my clients with a variety of regular services such as regular blog writing, but also one off projects such as sales pages, lead magnets, email sequences and articles for printed media. Sarah is dedicated, extremely organised, versatile and more importantly able to “get” her clients and write in their voice! Working with you Sarah, has been an absolute pleasure – you amaze me when you take the bare minimum of information of a subject that isn’t necessarily your specialism but still deliver well researched, logical on trend articles. Thank you."

Amanda Johnson
VACT Limited

"Sarah, you absolutely take the headache of writing blogs well and truly off my plate. If they were on my plate they'd still be being shifted to the side and left to go cold, inedible in fact! What I struggled with and sat wasting time faffing over you make look so easy because you're brilliant at it. It's the only part of my 'business' I outsource and it's totally worth every penny. My question is - if others aren't doing it why not? You're missing a trick. You're fantastic Sarah just you remember that young lady. And THANK YOU I'm most grateful to you for delivering month after month."

Sandy Hearn
Elite PA Solutions

"A BIG THANK YOU for your continued fabulous work. I spoke with [client] last week and they said they are so impressed with the ideas you’ve come up with. I think they’re stunned (me too) that a year in there’s something still to say! You’re amazing. Please don’t ever stop!!"

Samantha Pilling
Bite Me Marketing

"I’ve purchased PLR and also paid for the odd blog to be written for when I’m up against time or my brain can’t write something to fit my monthly topic. For me it takes away the pressure of having to write something which if a) I’m not in the mood for or b) don’t have time can lead to me wasting hours starting and restarting and again restarting! Just getting it done without this pressure is wonderful and I feel quite chuffed, it’s also hugely cost effective when I’m not in the mood or don’t have the time. "

Rachel Hands
RHVA Virtual Assistant

"From our first conversation, you really engaged with that and understood right from the outset what I wanted to say. . . You took the time to truly understand what my business is about. . . You completely "got" the tone I wanted - something I was struggling with for months. It's not just time and money that you've saved me, you've helped me to set a precedent for my business, establish myself in the online field and really help me to focus my marketing. And on a personal level I can now spend more time with the kids as they are my reason why I do this. In a nutshell, keep being awesome!"

Jodye Laxton
Beyond Admin

For those of you who don't already know me, here's a quick recap:

  • I ghost-write engaging, imaginative and educational written content for VAs and small business owners.
  • I offer my clients the best of my creativity, along with the extensive knowledge I have accumulated in this niche area
  • I produce top quality, relevant and engaging content

Basically, I help you get more visible, share useful and informative information with your clients and customers, and build on those relationships you need to have, with them. How? By helping you get regular content on your website.


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