Are You A Small Business Owner Who’s Tired Of Trying To Juggle Your Business & Figure Out How To Blog Effectively & Quickly?

Want An Entire Collection Of Blogging Templates, Designed To Solve That Struggle?

Blog Post Creation Made Simple


Here's What You'll Get Inside 'Blog Post Creation Made Simple'

Blog Post Creation Made Simple is easy to follow & has everything you need, to plan, write & publish blog posts for your small business. It’s simple, straight forward & designed to have you writing niche-specific blog posts quickly & efficiently, in the shortest possible time. So, what’s inside Blog Post Creation Made Simple? You’ll get:

Showing you how to write the 3 most common blog posts – the ‘How To’, ‘Top Tips’ & ’10 Steps’ blogs. Created in Google doc, so you can save your own copy and type right into them!

Create great ‘feature images’ sized blog post title graphics for your blog posts.

15 Blog Title Suggestions 
PDF document of universal blog title suggestions that suit any niche, to help you easily come up with blog titles that are relevant to your audience.

Cheat Sheet: 10 Simple Ways to Find Blog Post ideas
Idea-finding tips, designed to help you come up with a massive amount of niche-specific blog post ideas – quickly & easily.

15 x Call to Action Suggestions 
PDF document of commonly used call to actions, designed build a relationship with your audience & to help you find the right call to action for your audience, every time.

15 x Stock Library Suggestions
A single PDF document, so you can quickly find the perfect free images for your blog posts

Monthly Blog Post Planner 
To ensure you carry out all of the essential prep work, prior to writing your blog posts.

Guide to Batching 
Showing you how easily it is to write more, whilst saving time & energy

Simple Blogging Workflow chart 
Covering everything from blog post research & writing, through to uploading & scheduling the associated social media. Designed to make the whole thing simpler, faster & more efficient for you – so you can get on with running your business


What people are saying about the Blogging Template Collection...

These templates are so handy - brilliant idea Sarah, thank you ever so much, I love writing but the editing takes forever and when you are doing so many things, it kind of kills the joy sometimes. Very happy to have discovered you :)

- Rowena Fernando,

A Note From Sarah - Why She Created This Product...

"Small business owners often struggle with blog post creation for their business. Look online & you'll get overwhelmed with advice – but it’s often aimed at full time bloggers. Added to this, when you look for simple advice on specifics (such as coming up with ideas & keywords), you’re inundated with complicated advice & dozens of different type of blog post you ‘should’ be writing about… This quickly leads to overwhelm, with too many options & lots of guilt over what you ‘should’ or shouldn’t be doing. As a business owner, you simply want to know how to write effective blog posts for your niche audience. You want that information to be simple, straightforward & easy to follow – that’s why I’ve created 'Blog Post Creation Made Simple'."


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