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Why Work With Me


I see you, I hear you & I feel you. I know how much courage it takes to run your own business. I know how much faith it takes to speak from your heart – & I know how much of a positive impact your business can have on the world.

I believe that every woman has the potential inside them to have a bigger positive impact on themselves, their lives & the world. By helping you to write authentically from your heart – whether it’s in your social media content, blog posts, or on your website – I’m helping you step into your potential so you can help positively impact yourself & your life, as well as every client that works with you.

My unique mix of business knowledge, experience, coaching, writing skills & intuition all combines nicely together to give me the right skills to help female entrepreneurs like you.

Because I don’t just focus on content creation. I focus on connection, authenticity & building relationships – it’s not just content for content’s sake, sales & SEO. I use my unique 3S Framework to help clients find their uniqueness & put it all into their content.

I’ve spent the last 16 years running my own online business. I’ve been copywriting & ghost-blogging for clients for the last 8+ years, & as an ambivert, I know how it feels to be an introvert who wants & needs to get visible, but also doesn’t want to be inauthentic in the process.

Let’s Have Some Real Talk…

You’re here because you’re an online female entrepreneur who’s currently struggling to get the results you need – especially when it comes to your written content & visibility.

You’re looking for someone who ‘get’s you & can help turn that inner passion you have for your business, into great written content. Being honest, you’re not sure if you need a copywriter or a business consultant/mentor – you just know you need SOMEONE you can trust, to help you find your voice & write from your heart, so you can feel confident getting visible again.

You know how to market yourself & you understand what it takes to get visible – you just don’t want to get visible using ‘fluff’ content or pushy marketing techniques – or being fake, loud & brash. 

You just know that there’s a softer, more heart-based way of doing things & you need a little help finding your way.

And that’s where I come in!

Writing Services & Packages


If you’re a female online business owner who’s looking for someone to write regular blogs or create great copy for your emails – I can help!

Here’s your chance to hand over your blog writing, automated email sequences & nurture sequence email copy to someone who specialises in working with female entrepreneurs in the life & business coaching, alternative therapies & VA/PA niches – & who is also a qualified life coach and alternative therapist herself!

With over 8+ years experience specialising in those niches, I know the type of content you need, to attract your ideal clients & start building a relationship with them. By working with only a small number of private clients, I can offer those clients the best of my creativity & the extensive knowledge I have accumulated.

I can take that passion you have for your business & turn it into the words you want to really say, (but can’t always confidently put into the written form, yourself.

Getting Started Is Easy…


⭐ Simply select the package you’re interested in by clicking on the relevant ‘Book Call Here’ button.

⭐ This will then take you to my calendar, where you can schedule your initial 30-minute consultation.

⭐ We can then have a chat & get crystal clear on the type of content you’d like me to write for you & decide if we’re a good fit before making any commitments or payments.

⭐ Once you’re happy to go ahead, I’ll forward you a ‘buy now’ link to take payment & get started.

Not sure what package you need? Simply book an informal chat

Please note that all written services and packages are subject to my written terms of service – you can find them here.


Blog & Social Media Packages


Here’s your chance to get quality content, written especially for you, on a recurring monthly basis* – written by a ghost-blogger &  content creator who specialises in working with online businesses!

Whether you’re looking for a quality written blog that you upload yourself when you’re ready, or are looking for a complete hassle-free weekly blog solution, that’s both written & uploaded to your website for you – you’ll find a package to suit your needs here.

These packages are designed to provide you with quality content AND to save you masses of time & energy! Check out everything you get, in the comparison chart below.

— All below prices can be halved, if you’re looking for 2 x 500-word blogs a month package solutions. —

*These packages are subject to a 3-month minimum contract. If you would rather not commit to a contract, please contact me with your requirements & my ad-hoc prices will apply – £75 per 500 word, £150 per 1,000 word blog

Mailing List Packages


If you’re looking to make the most of your website visitors, you need to start by knowing who they are! This is where your mailing list comes in. A lead magnet eBook enables you to offer them something of value, in exchange for their name & email address. You can then build on that budding relationship, by sending them regular, interesting & informative emails – emails that are set up to be sent out automatically, once they’ve signed up to your list.

These emails fulfil several different criteria: they build a relationship with your new contact, give them lots of valuable & informative information, lead them to investigate the wealth of information & help available on your website (in the form of useful content, as well as your packages & services) AND helps cement in your status as the ‘go-to’ expert. No wonder these emails & lead magnets are so important to your business!

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