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 Wordsmith, Storyteller & Business Consultant


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Official Bio


Sarah PJ White is a Wordsmith, Storyteller & Business Consultant for service-based female entrepreneurs who want to become confident & visible in their marketing.

She helps them to uncover the stories that matter in their life & business & write from the heart, so they can connect with their ideal clients & market themselves in an authentic & aligned way.

As a published author, her book The Self Confidence & Self Esteem Bible has helped thousands of busy wives & mothers reclaim their confidence, whilst her fiction novel The Last Angel has entertained many a fantasy/alternative fiction reader. [You can find more info on Sarah's books, here.]

Sarah is a creative ambivert, qualified Life Coach, wife & mother. She lives in Cornwall with her husband & their nutty, sensitive rescue Belgian Shepherd dog, Danny.

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Let's Have Some Real Talk...

You're here because you're an online female entrepreneur who's currently struggling to get the results you need - especially when it comes to your written content & visibility.

You're looking for someone who 'get's you & can help turn that inner passion you have for your business, into great written content. Being honest, you're not sure if you need a copywriter or a business consultant/mentor - you just know you need SOMEONE you can trust, to help you find your voice & write from your heart, so you can feel confident getting visible again.

You know how to market yourself & you understand what it takes to get visible - you just don't want to get visible using 'fluff' content or pushy marketing techniques - or being fake, loud & brash. 

You just know that there's a softer, more heart-based way of doing things & you need a little help finding your way.

And that's where I come in!

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Why Work With Me


I believe that every woman has the potential inside them to have a bigger positive impact on themselves, their lives & the world. By helping you to write authentically from your heart - whether it's in your social media content, blog posts, or on your website - I'm helping you step into your potential so you can help positively impact yourself & your life, as well as every client that works with you.

Because I see you, I hear you & I feel you. I know how much courage it takes to run your own business. I know how much faith it takes to speak from your heart, & I know how much of a positive impact you & your business can have on the world.

My unique mix of business knowledge, life & business experience, coaching & writing skills & intuition all combines nicely together to enable me to have the right skills to help women entrepreneurs like you.

I've spent the last 16 years running my own online businesses. I've been copywriting & ghost-blogging for clients for the last 8+ years, & as an ambivert, I know how it feels to be an introvert who wants & needs to get visible, but also doesn't want to be inauthentic in the process.

The great thing about being an intuitively-led ambivert is that I can 'get' you. I can see what you want to achieve & help you find a way to achieve it - by reminding you of what makes you so great & helping you put into words what you really want to say, in the way YOU want to say it.

Mission & Core Values


My mission is to help my clients confidently step into their business dreams, by crafting content that connects with their ideal clients and enables them to market themselves in an authentic and aligned way.

My core values are:

Integrity -   How I show up in the world & run my business will always be in an authentic & aligned manner. I honour my gut feelings & intuition & deliver what I promise. And I never work with people who don't fit my values.

Empowerment - I will focus on providing solutions & support to help women grow personally & in business, so they can go on to create their own positive impact on the world. Because I believe it is right for women to support & lift other women up.

Simplicity - I will always look to create simple, straightforward strategies for doing things. That goes for my business & all the work I do with (and for) my clients too!

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