Missinglettr is one of those tools you’re not sure you really need, until you cancel your membership! Well, that’s exactly what I did, and now I’m not only regretting it but I’m shining a big light on my mistake, so you can avoid making the same error in your business.

As part of my repurposing mini-series, I’ve been giving you some in depth help around repurposing content. [Haven’t caught up with it yet? Check out the first in the three-part series: How To Repurpose Blog Content For Social Media]. Content creation can take up so much of your valuable time, so I wanted to highlight how you can get maximum bang for your efforts and, in the process, highlight some of the awesome and essential tools you can use. Today, let’s look at Missinglettr.

What is Missinglettr?

Missinglettr is a magic little social media tool that takes your blogs and turns them into automated campaigns. So how does it work? Once you’ve linked your website URL to it, Missinglettr waits for you to publish a blog post and, once you do, it springs into action. 

It takes your blog post, uses some clever technology to scan through it and picks out quotes, hashtags, phrases and imagery. Missinglettr then takes that all and creates approximately 9 social media posts, ready for you to tweak and approve (check out the example images below). It then drip feeds them out to your accounts over the course of a year. Of course, you can increase how many posts it creates, as well as the period they’re drip fed out, swap out any images you’re not keen on, as well as changing text and quotes, if you wish. Missinglettr currently schedules out to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, with the option to republish to Medium available on the higher packages.

Why you need Missinglettr

I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t originally see the potential of paying for this awesome tool – and that’s something I regret. I was one of the early adopters and grabbed it on a 6 month special price. But my blog wasn’t really up and running and to be honest, I wasted the opportunity and decided to cancel it at the end of the period. I subsequently found myself having to create my social media content from scratch – something that is not just a waste of my available time, but also frustrating, as it’s one of the first tasks that falls by the wayside when you’re busy. Oh, and I lost that original great price too! 

So, if you’re wondering why you need it, this is why:

  • Save yourself the time and effort of creating your own social media campaigns for each and every blog you write.
  • Drive traffic back to your blog with every post you create (they all link back to your blog post!).
  • It’s a great tool for repurposing – something this mini-series has been based on!
  • Each blog post continues to work for you, for at least 12 months after writing it.
  • You have the option to add additional posts to the scheduler – so you could use it for event promotion etc.

Three available pricing options

Missinglettr has three pricing options, enabling it to cater for every size of business. The lowest option is the ‘Blogger’ package. This is $15 a month and caters for businesses that only have one blog feed. You can schedule up to 1,000 posts a month across a maximum of 3 profiles.

Next tier is the ‘Business’ package. It’s a big jump up to this one, with it costing $47 a month. However, you do get a 5,000 post scheduling limit, across 8 profiles and using 3 feed sources. You also get several additional features that aren’t available on the lowest package – such as custom templates and schedules, the ability to repost to Medium and advanced analytics. The top tier is for agencies – and is priced at a whopping $147 a month.

In Summary

Don’t underestimate Missinglettr, it’s a valuable tool. It will save you tons of time and it works hard to make sure you stay visible on social media. As with anything related to repurposing content, there are tools that will help make the job quicker and easier. Yes, you can write your blog post and then create a batch of images for a social media campaign, yourself. But will you? I know from my experience with it – the answer is probably ‘no’. 

I’d recommend you jump in with a 14-day free trial and take Missinglettr for a test drive. If funds are tight, opt for the basic ‘Blogger’ package at $15 a month. But I’m pretty sure that you’ll want to invest in the higher ‘Business’ package, to get the advanced functionality it offers. Not only will it save you time, if you use Missinglettr right it will also increase your blog traffic and your social media visibility – and that’s worth the $47 a month price tag.