As someone who ghost-writes blogs for a living, one question I’m frequently asked is why a business needs a blog on their website. With so many businesses now using social media as their main form of interaction, it’s understandable that you may be wondering the same. After all, you have direct access to your potential clients via your Facebook page and LinkedIn, or they’re following you on Instagram and Twitter, so what does having a blog ‘get’ you and your business?

Your blog is the first step in building a relationship with your website visitors

Your website is like an online business card or brochure for your business. It tells visitors more about you. The blog feed on your website gives you a chance to further expand on what you do, as well as share your experience and knowledge with those who need it.

By sharing what you know in your blog posts, you’re helping your ideal clients and starting the process of building a relationship with those people who visit your site. They can get to know you and see what value and solutions you can give them, with no risk or financial investment – leaving them free to decide if they want to further build on that connection.

Helps you become friends with the search engines

Putting regular content onto your website helps you fuel the search engines too, especially if you use SEO plugins (such as SEO Yoast). How many of us head on over to a search engine, if we’re looking for help and advice? We want a quick list of potential solutions to view and read – and blog posts can help keep you relevant on those result lists and increase the reach of your business.

Cost-effective marketing

It doesn’t cost anything extra to have a blog on your site, but by putting one there, you’re giving yourself an additional marketing tool – and a free one, at that. A blog builds brand awareness and gives you and your visitors, something valuable to share with others, further expanding your reach. And each share is another free marketing opportunity.

Additional opportunities for you and your business

But a blog will also open you up to further potential marketing opportunities – in the form of guest blogs, reciprocal links and guest interviews etc. If someone is looking for a guest to interview or write a blog post to go on their site, they’re going to want to know more about that person and what value they can provide for their audience. Your blog posts give so much value AND they showcase your blog writing expertise too!

Writing regular blog posts helps build your confidence

But having a blog isn’t just a smart strategy for your business, it’s also a smart move for you too. When it comes to more personal reasons for having a blog, it’s an amazing way to build your confidence. The more you share your knowledge and expertise, the more confidence you’ll have in your ability to help your target readers.

Helps you find your voice

Having knowledge is one thing, but knowing how to share it with your intended readers is another. The more you write, the more you’ll understand what it is you’re trying to say and how you want to say it. This is what is often known as your ‘voice’ – and your blog posts give you an ideal platform on which to find your voice.

A blog doesn’t replace social media – it works with it

When it comes to deciding if you need a blog, it isn’t a case of looking at something to replace your social media platforms – it’s looking at a tool that works WITH them.  Your blog works in tandem with your social media presence.

It enables you to have additional regular content to share on your social media platform, as both old and new posts can be shared multiple times. Each blog post can also be a source of valuable material, ripe for repurposing as status updates, memes and quotes etc for your social media platforms. And if you’re happy to get creative, each blog post can also be presented in different formats too, such as videos or podcasts – giving you additional resources to share on your social media platforms.

With so many great benefits to be gleaned from having a blog on your website, the question you should be asking yourself is why HAVEN’T you got a blog on your site yet?