If you want to move your writing forward, you need to make room for it in your life. As the lovely Danielle LaPorte states in her awesome video  “Credo For Making It Happen“What are you giving up, as you cannot have it all”.

So, let me ask you. What ARE you going to give up, to move your writing forward?

Writing needs dedication

We all know you need dedication to write – whether you’re writing fiction, non-fiction, articles or full-length books. You have to believe in what you’re doing and you need to be committed to completing your work.

So how can you ramp up your dedication? Ask yourself the following:

  • What am I looking to achieve? What is your desired end result with your latest work? Are you looking to complete an article or a book?
  • Why do I want to write this? Get crystal clear on what your end goals are and why you want them. Is it to inspire or educate, amuse or inform?
  • Who am I writing it for? It’s ok to write just for yourself, but if writing for others, who are they?

To that end, you also need…

Structure and routine to move your writing forward

Both you and your book need structure and routine. You need to know what you’re doing and when. Your book also needs to have a set layout and structure to it, in order to be both readable and logical.

  • Have an outline – if its book; have a chapter breakdown, if it’s an article;  an overview and/or summary.
  • What time are you setting aside for your writing? What timescale are you looking to complete your work? How does this break down into your daily pattern?
  • Is your timescale realistic – not only in terms of whether you can finish your work in the timescale you’ve given it, but can you write for the length of time you’ve set aside for each writing session?

What are you giving up to move your writing forward?

This leads on to our final point and the overall topic of this post. What are you going to give up to move forward?

In order to move your writing forward, you need to keep your focus on your writing. Also, after completing the above steps, you may find you need to find more time – and this can only be achieved by giving up something that is less important to you.

You can both improve your focus and free up your time, by cutting out the unimportant or unnecessary stuff from your life:

  • TV – how much time could you save, and how much writing time could you gain if you cut down on some of the programs you currently watch? How invested in those TV series are you?
  • Sleep – obviously we all need sleep, but could you go to bed half an hour later or get up half an hour earlier, to increase your writing time?
  • Leisure time – again, you don’t have to give up everything you do for relaxation, however, what could you cut back on or give up to get more writing time?