The Shine A Light Experiment

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Where will you and your business be, this time next year? Does that question leave you feeling hopeful, with a huge pang of frustration...?

I’m never a fan of leaving my business resolutions until the New Year. I like to make them now, so I can get a head start. Part of that is looking back at my ones from last year. Trouble is, that usually highlights one painful truth for me - they’re usually the same resolutions as the ones I now want to write down for this coming year.

The reality of behind my goals

I’m one of those people who loves learning, loves reading inspiring books and taking courses, designed to help me find the best way to get the life and business I want.

But in doing all that learning - there’s no a lot of time or motivation left for implementing and creating. Wait - who am I kidding - there’s all the time I need! What’s missing is accountability and action. One of my big issues is I love a good story. I’m a creative and writer for God’s sake, so that’s understandable. But  I’m great at giving myself good reasons as to why it hasn’t happened for me and my business. If I’m being brutally honest, I get incredibly frustrated by my lack of forward momentum. I feel like I’m not supporting myself and I feel alone - even when I have supporters! I fear that I don’t have the necessary skills, am scared of taking a wrong step and worried about what others will say. 

But I’m also tired of things not working when I do implement them. I’m tired of feeling too scared to ask for help and advice in the online groups I’m a part of. I’m tired of putting on a brave and happy face, when all I want to do is simultaneously hide in a corner whilst shouting ‘here I am’ to the world.

Can you relate?

I recently listened to a webinar where the beautiful soul who was running it said something that really stuck with me: You need to shine a light on your fears. You’ll never banish the dark - learn to turn it down and get to know it. Name it, have a conversation with it and shine a light on it. Then rationalise and reframe it, so you can move forward with a realistic view.

But I am an open and honest person and this is me putting it out to there in the world and saying, I’ve hit the point where I’ve had enough! I don’t know why that webinar resonated so much with me, but this is me shining a big fucking light on everything. And in return, everything seems suddenly a little brighter as a result. I feel alive and aware, for the first time in a while and I’m choosing to take that as a big sign that I’m on the right path.

As a Life Coach, I know I can read all this and pick out an awful lot of ‘insights’ into my behaviour, thoughts and feelings. Even if you’re not a Life Coach yourself, I’m sure you’re sat there doing the same! There’s the fear of being visible, the fear of not being good enough and impostor syndrome, to name a few. Childhood trauma plays a part in there, as well. I imagine there’s a lot of therapists and coaches nodding at me knowingly, mentally highlighting trigger phrases and ‘issues’ that need addressing.

Facing up to my next steps

But I’m not looking for therapy help or advice and I’m not looking for sympathy - I’m looking to focus on my future - and I’m looking for the women who are connecting with the heart-filled message behind all of this.

I know that in order to move forward, I need to implement. I also know that what I’m missing, deep down in my heart, is a sense of community, a feeling of belonging. Do you feel that too?

I keep imagining the wise women groups of old. The support, encouragement and a place to feel part of something. A group of women who lift each other up and help shine a light on what each is good at. Women who are working together to help each and every woman in that group to build the life and business they crave. 

There’s so much negativity in this world and so many women tearing each other down and being jealous of others successes. My heart is yearning for the opposite. How about you?

So I’ve had enough of not being able to find what I want to find and trying to swim upstream. But rather than laying down and wrapping myself in physical and emotional layers of protection - I’m opening up and going with the kernel of an idea that won’t go away. 

Are you searching, too?

I’m reaching out with my heart to yours and asking if this resonates with you on any level, to join me with a new experiment - the Shine a Light Experiment. It costs nothing, except your time and attention and I have no idea how it’s going to work - that’s why it’s an experiment on so many levels! I have no timeline as to how long it will be, but my gut is saying I need to stick at it for at least 6 months. The intention? That I can tell you! 

I see the Shine a Light Experiment as a place to replicate one of those women’s support groups of old! I intend to use a private group as a place to be open and honest about the journey we’re each on. I want to build a collaborative group of honest and open women whose focus is to intentionally lift and motivate each and every woman in the group - regardless of how many or few. To share experiences, knowledge, fears, dreams and intentions - to hold each other accountable to the journey and celebrate the end results. I want to build a group where every woman feels loved and supported, inspired and motivated, where we all remember how powerful, strong and connected we are - and with the intention of us all getting to be where and who, we want to be.

So, if any of this speaks to you, please let me know. Email me, call me or PM me and I’ll send you the group link.

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