As far as business advice goes, ‘go big or go home’ is one of the most rubbish pieces of ‘advice’ you can give a small business owner right now. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that it’s downright damaging advice to be giving to others.


Because it doesn’t help anyone feel supported during this difficult time.

Small business owners need support, not belittling

We’re in the middle of a panic-filled pandemic situation at the moment. Emotions, fears and worries are high – business owners are scared and worried, right now! They don’t know-how, and even if, they’re going to get through the lockdown or the impending recession. Don’t add to those fears and worries by giving them rubbish advice that makes them feel worse than they already do.

Business owners want reassurance and advice that will help them keep moving forward, when they’re scared things are possibly falling around their ears.

And quite frankly, ‘go big or go home’ just sets the wrong precedent for business. 

It kinda belittles all of those small business owners who are taking small steps each day, to grow their business.

Business success isn’t reliant on big actions

Growing a business isn’t all about taking big action or being big, bold and brash.

It’s about the little steps you take, the small actions that move you forward.

If you’re not a naturally extroverted, loud, brash action-taker, being told to go big or go home is akin to saying you’re not good enough, you’re not the ‘right’ type of person, or you don’t have the right attributes to be a business owner.

When there are many businesses that have achieved great success, with a quietly self-assured, introverted CEO at the helm.

So no more ‘go big or go home’!

Good advice for the small business owner 

Let’s start giving advice that’s helpful and rewarding, rather than setting the expectation that progress has to be big – that you have to be big, in order to do well. Help small business owners see that they’re supported and encouraged to keep moving forward, no matter how the current situation may appear. Let them know they’re not alone and that you see them and are willing them to keep going, even when they doubt themselves.

Because words matter. Their story matters. And their business matters.

Positive advice to share with small business owners

Here are 10 pieces of positive, useful advice that you can share freely with all the small business owners out there, without making them feel rubbish, pants or downright sh1t:

✔️ It doesn’t matter how slow your progress, as long as you’re moving forward.

✔️ Take baby steps every day.

✔️ Consistent action wins the day.

✔️ Know that helping just one person is an achievement worth celebrating.

✔️ Focus on the value you bring to your clients and look to share more of that.

✔️ Share your business story, values and beliefs with your audience – it will help you connect with them.

✔️ Grow your own mailing list – because social media platforms can be fickle places.

✔️ Focus on those actions that directly help you increase your revenue right now – stop faffing with trying to make everything perfect.

✔️ Promote those products/services that help your client with their biggest problem/issue right now – give them what they need, now at this moment.

✔️ Look after your mental and physical health – because, without you, you have no business. YOU are your business.

If you’re a small business owner who’s currently feeling a little stuck in your business right now, check out my free guide ‘4 Reasons Why You’re Stuck In Your Business’. It will show you the common reasons why you may be feeling that way, and give you some action steps to get moving forward again. You can sign up for your free copy of this guide, here.