If you want to get maximum value out of your blog posts, repurposing is a great solution. But it isn’t the only solution out there. Repurposing content is great, but what about your original blog post ideas – can you do more with those?

The short answer, yes! 

In the second of this three-part repurposing mini-series, we delve deeper into that ‘yes’ answer. If you really want to become a repurposing pro, you can use these 12 tips to help get maximum bang out of both the original blog post ideas you have and the blogs you’ve created. [And if you want to catch up on this series, make sure you read part one: How To Repurpose Blog Content For Social Media.]

#1: Republish and update the original blog

This is a great practice to get into, with any blog you create. Things change, as do recommendations. For example, the average recommended blog post used to be 500 words, but now it’s closer to 1,200. This is something I can go in and edit in my original blog posts, to ensure they’re up-to-date and still of value to my readers. 

If you’re republishing or updating an original blog, it helps preserve the integrity of it, if you add an opening note or footnote, stating when it was updated. This also shows that you’re committing to staying on top of the latest practices and your own content!

#2: Create a lead magnet, content upgrade or additional resource to go with it

If you have a blog post that’s doing well, this is a great way to make it even more valuable to your readers and website visitors. It’s also an opportunity to maximise on the blogs popularity, by adding an opt-in content upgrade to help build your mailing list. By adding an additional resource (such as a workbook, cheatsheet or template) you’re also helping your readers to implement what they’ve read.

#3: Break it down further and expand on each point

Look at that blog as your starting point for the topic. What more do readers need to know about the topic and/or points raised? Can you go into further details and expand on the subject?

#4: Use it as a spin-off for a new series

Talking of expanding on the subject, take a look at your blog post and see if you can use it as a springboard for a new series of articles. What more can you share about this specific topic?

#5: Pitch a different slant on the same idea

This can lead to a whole range of new ideas! If you’ve written a positive post, how about coming from a ‘my mistakes’ or ‘are you falling foul of these mistakes’ kind of post? You’ve shown someone how to do something – what about how not to do something? You could also write about the same subject, but from a different viewpoint – ie ‘How to stay productive as a stay-at-home mum’ can become: ‘Productivity tips for stay-at-home mums’, ‘How to stay sane and organised when you work from home’, ‘How to juggle home working and single parenthood’, or even ‘How to stay productive as a female entrepreneur’.

#6: Turn several into an eBook or mini-course

If you have several blog posts on a similar subject or theme, why not turn them into an eBook or mini-course! You could also create these based on the top 10 how to’s or the most frequently asked questions etc.

#7: Create a webinar

Great when subjects have a broad spectrum, webinars enable you to either expand on one specific topic or problem, or give an overview of several.

#8: Turn it into a presentation

Yet another way to reuse a blog post, this is something that can be used as a talk, share on online sites such as SlideShare, or use it as part of your webinar.

#9: Write an influencer piece on it as a follow-up post – get input and quotes

This option is a great one for expanding your status as an influencer and getting potential backlinks to your site. Simply ask other people in your niche to share their top tips or ideas on the subject – and then create a follow-up post where you share these with your readers. People naturally want to share content that involves or references them, so this helps your website SEO with naturally good backlinks too! 

(Pro tip – create social media graphics for each individual one, and you have your social media promo content sorted!)

#10: Create an infographic of your blog

Next up, turn your original blog post into an infographic. Need help creating one? Check out Canva for infographic templates!

#11: Go live

Livestreams are great for interaction and visibility, so why not use that original blog post and turn it into a script for your next livestream.

#12: Create a podcast

Finally, why not use your video editing software to separate your video and/or livestream audio file from the video? You can then add your podcast intro and a relevant call to action, and upload as a podcast!

In Summary

If you want to get the maximum use from your original blog post ideas, it’s worth spending a little time deciding which of the above options you want to use, moving forward. You can then familiarise yourself with the various software platforms needed to create these new content ideas. 

Want more repurposing help and to capitalise on those original blog post ideas and creations? Keep an eye out for part three in this mini-series: Repurposing Content, How To Be Seen Everywhere At Once – it’ll be live on the 27th November!