Blogging can contribute so much to your business. Whether it’s improved SEO results or an increase in your mailing list signups, blogging will get you results. But if you’re looking to use blogging in your business, you need to have the right mindset in place.

The good news is, many of the important mindset traits you need to have to blog well for your business, also help you become a better business owner! So here’s the top 15 important mindsets you need in place, to be good at blogging for your business and being a successful entrepreneur.

#1: Learn to write for your audience

In other words, it’s not about you! If you’re in business for yourself, you should already know who your ideal customer is – so write for them. Write content that will help them solve a problem, get over a fear, answer a question or help them move forward in some way.

#2: See yourself as an authority in your niche 

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “you need to be one step ahead of your customer” and that’s still relevant when you blog. As per point #1, you need to write for your audience – but you also need to own the fact that you’re an authority in your niche because of what you know. Being an authority doesn’t mean you need to know everything – you need to be one step ahead and know enough to help in some way.

#3: Have the discipline and commitment to see it through

Blogging isn’t a strategy that will get you instant success and neither is it a quick solution. You need to know, right from the outset, that it’s going to take discipline and commitment to get results from your business blog. If you’re going to start a business blog in 2020, make sure you’re willing to commit the time and effort needed, to write your blogs and market them.

#4: Know your voice matters

No matter what the current vanity metrics portray, know that your content is helping someone. Be willing to share your opinion and expertise – and be willing to repeat yourself! It takes 7 touchpoints to make a sale. Add in the fact that people learn in different ways and at different rates – it’s understandable that you’re going to need to repeat yourself, write about similar topics, and answer the same questions more than once.

#5: Understand where blogging fits into your marketing strategy

Blogging plays an important part in your marketing strategy. It’s aimed at your cold and warm leads, so enables you to get people interested in you and into your initial marketing funnel. It can also help build relationships and help clients, before, during and after a sale. Social media, on the other hand, helps you engage with warm leads and those people who already know you. So when it comes to the decision whether you should use social media instead of blogging – you should use both.

#6: Have a growth mindset 

To blog well for your business you need to have a growth mindset. This includes looking at ways to improve your writing and blog generally, as well as researching new keywords and being open to new opportunities and collaborations (such as guest blogging and interviews).

#7: Understand the importance of being visible 

As earlier points highlight, you need to see yourself as an authority in your niche, and be willing to put your voice out there. But you also need to be willing to put in the work to be visible as well. If you want your blog to be successful, you need to promote it regularly. If you’re not willing to be visible, don’t be surprised if your blog doesn’t gain traction or interaction.

#8: Own who you are and what you do

This point expands on those points raised earlier. You have a voice and an opinion, you’re an authority in your niche, and regardless of whether you’re new or established – don’t ever be ashamed of who you are and what you do. If imposter syndrome is kicking your butt, get help to get over it, so you can be proud of yourself and your business.

#9: A willingness to overcome obstacles

Whether they’re your fears and excuses, time restraints, level of education or your present circumstances – be willing to acknowledge and overcome the obstacles in your path. 

#10: Have a plan in place

When it comes to blogging, one of the big mistakes I see business owners make is not following a plan. I’ll admit, I used to be guilty of this one, but once I committed to having a plan, I found it a lot easier to grow my blog! Whether you sit down and plan your blogs yearly, monthly or weekly, plan ahead and stick to the plan.

#11: Willingness to drop perfection

Whether we’re talking about business or blogging, you won’t always get it right, and that’s ok. Perfection doesn’t exist, so aim to do the best job you can in the timescale you have. The beauty of blogging is that you can always go back and update at a later date. Started Pinterest and have no graphics on your old posts? Go and add some. Have old information or out-of-date blog posts? Go and update them (if editing the original, add a footnote of the date you updated). Created a new opt-in lead magnet? Go and add an opt-in form at the foot of your old blog posts.

#12: Committed enough to give it a fair shot

The most important thing to remember about blogging is that it doesn’t equate to overnight success. You need to commit to putting in consistent action and give it a decent amount of time, to start seeing results. You can then tweak those results. Be willing to work at it long term – not spending your time looking for a quick fix. Just write, publish, promote and repeat as needed, for at least 3 months, before you start judging whether it’s working for you or not.

#13: Putting value before the sale

A bit of a controversial one here, but be of the mindset that giving genuine value is higher up the list of requirements than a sale. Yes, a blog can promote and/or encourage a sale (and some most definitely should!), but it’s only through giving real value for free, that you will show how authentic and caring you are about your ideal clients.

#14: Know what matters

Working as an online business enables you to access so many vanity metrics!  Whether it’s likes on a post or impressions and shares, these metrics all play a part in helping you see the overall picture, so you should definitely track them – but they’re not the be all and end all to business success.

What matters most is that you’re showing up and making a difference. Are you living up to your own business dreams, goals and big ‘Why’? Are you being the best person you can be? And are you helping the people you want to be helping? Do those things and your business (and subsequent financial results) will follow.

#15: Be willing to ask for help 

Finally, have the mindset that you’re free to ask for help when you need it. You don’t have to do it all alone, you don’t have to know everything and you don’t have to do everything yourself! Be willing to ask for what you need to help you move forward with your blog and your business. Whether it’s mentoring and business support, outsourcing tasks or hiring an expert, be willing to reach out for help when you need it.

So over to you. Which of the mindsets you need to blog well for your business, do you think are the most important? Did any of them surprise you? Maybe you haven’t started your blog yet, but this blog post has fired up your enthusiasm. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so pop them into the comments box below!