The world around us can be so clear-cut. For the majority of people, it’s a place that consists simply of one or the other, right or wrong. We’re bought up to believe there’s a right or wrong way to do everything and we can either do something or we can’t. There’s seldom any room for manoeuvrability – and this can be a big problem when it comes to us ‘creative types’.

Vulnerability and creativity go hand in hand

Whether you’re an artist, poet, author or sculptor, your creativity is often an extension of your imagination. You often envisage what you want the end result to look like, long before you’ve actually made those first brushstrokes, first put pen to paper or first lifted your fingers to the keyboard.

You’re looking to portray something that comes for your heart and soul – and that means being vulnerable and in effect, sharing a part of yourself with the world at large.

You become further vulnerable if you don’t necessarily know HOW to create your desired end result. You don’t know even IF you can – but you know you HAVE to try, regardless of whether you know the ‘correct’ way of producing it.

Even when the work is finished, our vulnerability is a constant work in progress

You become vulnerable again when you step back and share your work with others. You’re putting something that’s personal or precious to you out there, for other people to interpret. You hope they can see and feel whatever it is that your work makes you see and feel – but life isn’t always that simple.

Some people will. Some people won’t.

You’re also vulnerable when it comes to the skill involved in your creative endeavours too. There will always be someone who will question how your art came to be, how you structured those paragraphs and if you used the ‘right’ media style – based on their (often-limited) ‘expertise’.

They’ll also question if you were the ‘right’ person to be tackling that particular piece at all. Even if you had the ‘right’ qualifications to be creating your chosen artwork in the first place – based on their own version of what’s right or wrong in the creative process.

Those questions and opinions can hurt – they can REALLY be painful – especially as creativity and sensitivity so often go hand-in-hand.

If you want to be creative, you need to be vulnerable

It can all make it so easy for us creative types to want to hide away and avoid putting ourselves through any potential pain.

But to create IS to be vulnerable.

It’s to share your innermost heart and soul. We want our followers to experience that vulnerability too. We want to take our readers and viewers on an emotional story arc around our latest work. We may even want to encourage them to connect with their inner desires or darkest thoughts.

Because creativity is based on vulnerability – for both the creator and the viewer.

Each piece we create is teaching us both. As a viewer, it teaches us to open up and let it into our heart – to be vulnerable and open. And for the creator, it’s teaching us to open up and be EVEN MORE vulnerable with every piece we create.

Vulnerability is how we create – if we learn to honour, acknowledge and accept that vulnerability.