In the final part of this three-part mini-series on repurposing content, we’re going to look at how wide you can spread your net, if you repurpose your content – in other words, how to create a content strategy that enables you to both create more content and be visible in more places! 

Initially, you may have started with a blog post, livestream or recorded video, but if you’ve been following this mini-series, you’ll have seen how to easily repurpose that initial piece of content into lots of different creations. [Need a catch up? Check out Part One: How To Repurpose Blog Content  For Social Media, and Part Two: How To Get Maximum Value Out Of Your Blog Post Ideas.]

But now you’ve got your head around the basics of repurposing, how can you use this to your advantage and create a workable strategy from it? Well, here’s how you can use what you’ve learnt, to ensure you’re raising your visibility and being seen as someone who appears to be everywhere at once! 

10 Steps to being seen everywhere at once

Here’s a simple content marketing repurposing strategy that can increase your online visibility, fast. 

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Start by knowing your best content

Not everything should be repurposed. Stick with your best content – the content that does well. There’s no point repurposing content that isn’t evergreen, so if it’s limited in time and/or subject, avoid repurposing it.

So how do you know what is your best content? Take a look at your Google Analytics, see which blogs are getting shared on social media, and go with the ones that are getting interaction on them. To get started, pick one and follow these 10 steps.

Step #1: Start with enhancing your original blog

Take that initial blog and create an opt-in resource from it. This can be a simple checklist of the points covered within your blog post, a template that helps the reader implement what you’re talking about, or a blank worksheet that helps them explore the topic more for themselves. By making this something they opt-in for, you’re utilising the popularity of this blog post to help you grow your mailing list. 

Step #2: Go live on Facebook

Use the blog as an outline for a Facebook live. Once finished, make sure you grab the permalink and download the video for repurposing. It’s worth remembering that, you’re using the blog as an outline, not reading it as word-for-word script. That way, you’re more likely to expand on the topic or say something that isn’t in the original blog post – and this’ll help with some of the steps further down this list!

Step #3: Remember your email list!

Open a notepad document and paste in the initial opening paragraph from your blog post. Add in a reason why your subscribe will be interested in this topic and paste in the Facebook live permalink and/or your original blog post URL. Send out the email to your list.

Step #4: Be seen on video

Upload the Facebook live to your YouTube account. If you want to (and if it’s relevant to the type of live you’ve done), you can also go through and create shorter video snippets of each tip mentioned. Then you simply add in your intro card and a call to action to watch more – and link back to the original longer video. Send off the video to to transcribe it for you (or transcribe it yourself).

Step #5: Turn it into a podcast

Whilst you’re editing those video snippets, why not use your video editing software to separate out the audio from the livestream! You can then use that to create a podcast episode. 

Step #6: Create an additional blog post

Now you can either use the podcast or video, to create a new blog post. Simply upload the transcription and embed in the YouTube video or podcast. 

Step #7: Share on social media

Start by sharing the blog links for both your original blog post and the extra one you’ve just created, onto all of your social media platforms. Remember to reference the additional opt-in freebie too!

Step #8: Time for social sharing!

Go through both the original blog post and the new one you created, highlighting the best quotes and valuable content/tips. Aim for at least 5 quotes and 10 short paragraphs of valuable content/tips from each blog post. Take only the quotes and create graphics for them in Canva. You can then schedule these to your Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram stories and/or posts. 

Step #9: Spread out to the syndication sites

Remember those sections of valuable content you highlighted? Now’s the time to use them! Open a new document and paste them in. Add in an opening paragraph and a call to action – and you have another blog post. This one is perfect for sharing to the syndications sites. (Such as Medium, LinkedIn, Quora and Huffington Post) OptinMonster has a great list of syndication sites and places to repurpose your content, inside their blog post: 40 Ways To Repurpose Your Blog Content.

Step #10: Time to think about Pinterest

Now look at creating Pinterest specific graphics. You’ll want to create a selection of ones for your original blog post, as well as the additional audio/video one you created. I’d also create some promoting the opt-in freebie and the syndicated blogs, is you have time!

In summary

If you want to be seen everywhere, repurposing content is a great strategy. By following the above steps you’ll be well on your way, but if you want additional ideas, do check out CoSchedule’s in-depth article on How To Repurpose Content & Make The Most Of Your Marketing – it comes complete with some ‘how-to’s’ for the more common solutions, so totally worth a read!

Repurposing content does take effort, but the rewards are numerous. Not only will it increase and speed up your content creation, it also raises your visibility and, if done right, your mailing list too! So why not pick one of your best blog posts and make a start!  Why not leave a comment below and let me know how you get on!