The heart-centred entrepreneur finding her way back to self

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The heart-centred entrepreneur finding her way back to self

Ever feel like you're on a journey, but have a nagging worry that you've forgotten to pack something?

You keep going, pushing forward, following the trail, resting along the way. Each day you wake up and want to be excited about the trip you're on. You know the scenery isn't always great, the path itself can get overgrown and it's full of twists and turns. You may even start to feel like you're in Groundhog Day, repeating the same actions, the same 'stuff' - so you try to shake things up a bit, change your walk, change the song words you're singing to yourself.

Heart-centred entrepreneurs need time out to course correct

But you keep on going - because you've made the commitment and you wanted this journey to happen. It's what will dictate that you made it; you're a success.

You give yourself a little bit of a break - take a few days off - to rest, take a look back at your previous journeys, your intentions and plans for this one, and journal on those thoughts and feelings that pop up.

Because looking back at what you did and originally wanted, you start to feel pangs of pain, stabbing at your heart, hurting your gut and bringing tears to your eyes.

And then you realise you DID lose something important along the way.

Your heart. Maybe even your soul.

You CAN - but do you WANT to?

At what point do you decide - you can dream all the dreams, you're capable of achieving them all - but do you really want to? Are you travelling towards what you REALLY want?

So much has shifted over this past year and I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking, it's highlighted some good and bad stuff.

Social media is akin to the worst soap drama ever, with many inauthentic characters and fake portrayals of life. The world is supposed to be returning to 'normal', yet people are now panic buying petrol and arguing over the use of masks and even vaccines.

And last week I sat here and decided to throw it all in the f*ck it bucket. Social media, money-driven months, being visible online, growing a list, selling, promoting - all of it.

To be heart-centred, you need to follow your heart

Because this heart-centred entrepreneur wants to find her way back to self. I realised I'm tired of it all. I want to get off the hamster wheel I'm on because I don't even know if I want to be ON the bloody hamster wheel!

In going back, I found my heart again. It fell out somewhere between pushing myself to be on social media more and aiming for (and failing again at getting) a £5k month.

I picked it up, dusted it off and had a bloody good cry.

I can't be heart-based and show up authentically right now if I'm feeling like the timing isn't right and I'm on the wrong journey.

It's a bit like heading out to visit York - when you'd rather head to the beach. Both are really nice and totally feasible journeys, but only one will feel right for you, right now. The other one can wait for another day.

Go on a journey to stay heart-centred and true to yourself

So the purpose of this blog post is to let you know I'm going on a new journey to find my way back to self. A journey to repair my heart and light up my soul again. I'm exploring how life can be, when you follow your heart, reconnect with your intuition and do what truly lights you up. What it means to be truly authentic and heart-based.

I'd love to share it all with you along the way. I'll be posting my thoughts, findings and steps I'm taking, to stay accountable and true to myself. But there's also the hope that you'll come along for the company. And maybe in sharing it all with you, it will help your heart beat faster and your light shine just a little bit brighter too.

Wanna find out?

Let me know in the comments, if any of this resonated with you and if you're along for the ride. x

Image © 2021 Sarah PJ White

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