One of the biggest questions I’m asked is how much does it cost to have blog posts written by a ghost blogger. If you carry out a Google search for ghost bloggers or blog writers, you’ll find people who are charging less than I do. But there are also other freelance writers and copywriters available to hire, that charge anything from $50-$300 per blog post.

Head on over to Fiverr or Upwork and you’ll have no problem finding someone to write a blog for as little as $5. A VA could even write you a blog post for their usual hourly rate of £25-£35 per hour. 

Cheap isn’t necessarily the best option for you

Now, I’m not the cheapest ghost blogger on the market – I’ll be the first to acknowledge that – but cheap isn’t always the best option for you. I’m confident I charge what my blog posts are worth, because they’re tailored for your needs. You can typically hire me to write an ad-hoc blog from £55 or commit to a 3-month contract and have monthly blogs written from £32.33 a blog. (You can check out my ad-hoc and monthly prices, here).

But if you don’t want to commit to a contract and still want a cost effective option, you can still get a good price. Take a look at my Get Your Blog Started package, for example. You’ll get 6 blog posts written and a total of 18 social media prompts/graphics, for just £300 – that works out at £35 per blog!

I can however, appreciate that’s still more expensive than those other online freelancers. So why is that – why am I more expensive? 

It’s not just about getting blog posts written

I could tell you that it’s down to experience – and in part, it is. There’s the fact that I’ve been providing articles for other online business owners to use, for the past 12 years – not to mention the fact that I’m also a self-published author. I could even mention that I specialise in writing for Virtual Assistants and trained as a VA myself, so have extensive knowledge of the industry.

But that isn’t the reason why I’m more expensive than some of those other freelancers out there.

What makes me different to other ghost bloggers is the process I use to write a blog that sounds like it’s been written by you. 

A ghost written blog has to sound like you

Many different online writers, VAs and freelancers say they can write a blog for you. But what you get is just a blog – a blog that’s missing its soul. It hopefully ticks the ‘good blog’ box, but doesn’t sound like you or feels connected to you. What you really want is a blog that sounds like you and appeals to your audience.

If I’m writing a blog for my client, I don’t want it to be a blog with no soul. I take the time to get to know you and your business, so I can write in your voice. And to write in this way requires the right ghostwriter/client connection. So, if we have a call and I feel that connection between us isn’t there – I won’t take you on as a client and will refund you your investment. I’d rather you find a better fit for your business needs, so you get the end results you require and deserve.

The process I use that helps you where other writers can’t

If I need to write blog posts in your voice, I need to know about you and your business. Unlike other freelance blog writers, I won’t write purely based on the topic or headline I’m given – I need to understand you and your business, too.

This is why I have an initial consultation with all my clients. This time is used to get to know about you, your business and your clients, as well as your blogging needs and business goals. As an empath and intuitive, I’m getting a ‘feel’ for who you are and what your business is about, plus I’m listening to how you speak, for specific words you use and phrases that resonate with your business goals, needs and desires.

Part of my process is to include call to actions within your blog post that match your goals – such as promoting specific products/services or encouraging engagement on your social media platform of choice. And to further enhance the overall engagement, I’ve created a special blog and social media combination within the Get Your Blog Started package.

By establishing your business goals and required outcome of your blog, I can ensure I’m writing topics that are relevant to your audience, but that also relevant to your needs too. 

You’re paying for more than just a blog post

When you order from me you get more than just a 500+ word article. The process I use means I’m carrying out extra research to make your blog more suitable for your business. This includes researching not just the blog topic, but also your site. I can then cross reference and link to your existing blogs and pages, adding valuable internal links naturally into the blog posts written for you. 

There’s also the SEO strategies I naturally include within my blog writing process. This includes using keywords, suggesting suitable tags and supplying a meta description, to help make your life easier, when uploading your blog posts. As the blogs are written and saved as Google docs, you’ll also find most platforms will preserve the header formatting (H1, H2 and H3 headers) I’ve used throughout the blog post. 

Some of my packages even include an upload service, so you don’t have to worry about finding time to upload and schedule your blogs. This type of package will then include photos and associated photo credits, where needed, as well as include image alt text, to further help your blog’s SEO rankings.

When you buy the Get Your Blog Started package for example, you get your blog posts upload and scheduled, plus you also get 3 x social media graphics for each of the 6 blog posts written. These can further enhance the natural SEO of your blog posts, if you include them as images within your blogs and add in some alt text.

When you hire a ghost blogger you need them to write a blog post that sounds as if it’s come from you. It needs to sound like you’ve written it yourself and I’m sure you’ll also agree, it also needs to fit in with your business and blogging goals. But you also want a blog that can be used as an effective part of your overall business sales and marketing funnels. 

It costs nothing but time, to have a conversation with a ghost blogger and establish your needs. However it’s not something many other online writers will offer as standard, when you hire them to write a blog for you. But that call is essential, if you want to find a ghost blogger that is right for you and your business, is able to provide blog posts written in your voice, and can give you the blogs you need to grow your business. If you’d like to check out my contract writing services, head over to this page, or if you’d prefer to check out the Get Your Blog Started Package you’ll find details of that here.