Content curation isn’t something small business owners naturally think of, when it comes to improving visibility online. You know visibility is key, if you want to stay in business and you also know that, in order to stay visible, you need content – lots of it. And due to the current climate, that can feel impossible at the moment.

Your business platforms need content

You need content for your website, if you want to keep it up-to-date and visible in the search engines. Your social media platforms especially, need to be continually topped up with content. And for many small business owners, content creation seems like a really tall order at the moment! Not only are you having to navigate the current virus crisis the world is currently collectively facing, you’re also having to divide your time between running your business and homeschooling your children, whilst also trying to keep your head in the business game. 

And to be honest, content creation may be the last thing on your mind – and that’s totally understandable. So how can you still stay visible, if you don’t have the time free to create your own content? Luckily, content curation may just be the answer you’re looking for.

What is content curation?

Put simply, content curation is the act of sharing content created by someone other than you. This isn’t about plagiarising someone else’s content or passing it off as your own – it’s about sharing any type of content that will be useful, relevant and of interest to your audience.

As Sprout Social state in their article on content curation:

Coming up with original content to share on social media every day requires endless inspiration and time. If you’re active on multiple social platforms, the pressure to provide regular content may mean that the quality of your posts starts to suffer. Content curation maintains consistency for your brand. 

Many small business owners will use their own created content as their main source of content for their websites and social media platforms. And this does create pressure to always be creating and churning out new original content – no matter what else you’re currently juggling. 

Why would you want to drive people to someone else’s site? 

Content curation isn’t just a one-trick pony. It isn’t about just sending your audience to someone else’s site. It has so many other benefits – for you and your audience. 

What’s important isn’t whether you’re keeping people on your site and social media platforms, and keeping them only interested in your content – it’s about how you’re seen by your audience, what you can do for them, and how you want to be seen in the wider community and niche.

The benefits of content curation

So, with that being said, here’s a rundown of why you’d want to get into the habit of using content creation in your social media strategy.

#1: Using curated content helps highlight a value-driven focus

Sharing other people’s content on your channels, helps highlight the fact that you’re focused on sharing value – regardless of whether it comes from you or someone else. It shows you care for your audience and have their best interests at heart and aren’t just focused on making money and getting a sale.

#2: Sharing other people’s content enables you to connect with influencers 

When you know who the major players are in your niche, you can ensure you’re sharing their content with your audience. Not only will this benefit your audience, it also gets you on the radar of the person who’s content you’re sharing – those major influencers in your niche. You will also become associated with that influencer in your audience’s eyes too.

#3: Shared content can help you engage with your audience 

You can use content curation to help boost engagement with your audience, by using it to springboard a conversation. When you share someone else’s content start the post off by sharing your thoughts on it and asking your audience for their opinions etc.

#4: Keep your audience informed

The content you share with your audience can help showcase news, insights and even people they may not otherwise know about or connect with.

#5: Be seen as someone who promotes solutions 

Whether you’re sharing free or paid offers, or solutions that come for you or someone else, always have a focus on promoting solutions to your audience.

#6: Use curated content to help with your market research

When you share content with your audience that gets them engaging and interacting, it’s highlighting potential gaps in your own offerings. Use that research as a basis for creating your own content and creating products and services that help fill those gaps.

#7: Stay visible and at the front of your audience’s minds

When you use content curation as part of your overall marketing strategy, you’re topping up your existing online marketing efforts – and that can only be a good thing! Whether you’re sharing your own content or the content of others, you’re successfully managing to stay visible and relevant to your audience.

#8: Shows you in a good light 

If you’re not afraid to share other people’s content, you can easily be seen as a person of influence and someone who’s both an expert or trendsetter – but also someone who’s connected with others and has his/her finger on the pulse, in your chosen niche. 

#9: Content curation can help springboard your own content creation 

Not only can curated content help fill gaps in your own marketing and showcase potential opportunities for growth, it could also prompt new blog and social media post ideas for you. There’s no shortage of ideas in the world, and content curation can help you uncover some great ones for your own content creation.

#10: Helps take off the pressure

With everything going on in the world and at home, using content curation as part of your marketing and visibility strategy, will help alleviate some of that pressure to stay visible. It’s far easier to do so, if you can easily keep your content calendar full. 

In summary

Content curation is a great tool to use in your overall marketing and visibility strategy. When you use it right, you can engage with your audience, boost your rankings and even use it to create content that is even more relevant to your intended audience.

What’s important is that content curation helps take that pressure away and frees up a lot of your time – both essential things to do, whilst we’re in this current climate.

But it’s essential that you do content creation the right way. As explained in this content curation article by Hootsuite, you can’t just randomly share content around social media – you need to have a strategy in place. So now you know the top 10 benefits of content curation, why not head on over to the Hootsuite article, and create a plan for how you can use it in your business – they even give you a list of suitable tools you can use, to make this even easier!

So what are your thoughts on today’s article? Do you currently use content curation in your business – or has today’s article helped you realise you do need to start doing so? What’s your biggest challenge around content creation and curation? Why not share your thoughts and challenges, in the comments section below!