As a heart-based entrepreneur, it’s natural that you’ll want to form deep connections with your ideal customers. The better the connection you can make, the more you will build on the know, like and trust elements of business marketing. That’s why you need to add storytelling into your business content creation process. Stories help you form closer relationships with your audience and relay information in a way that resonates with them on a deeper, emotional level.

Why stories are so important

Stories work well because they’re relatable. They help your audience connect and engage with your content, as they can see themselves and draw parallels to how they’re feeling and living. If you’re looking to help inspire your audience, stories will do that. The stories you share can help make complex information easier to understand, plus they make it easier to retain the information. And of course, they also enable you to showcase your expertise too.

So what do we mean by storytelling? As explained in the blog What you need to know about storytelling in business, the art of storytelling in business is where you tell a story rather than just share the bare facts. This makes those facts you’re sharing more exciting and memorable to the recipient. Because we all love a good story!

33 easy ways to add storytelling into your business

How to use storytelling in your business content gives you a breakdown of the different story categories you can use. It also gives you some ideas of the different areas of your business that would make the perfect home for your stories.

But if you’re looking to add storytelling into your business marketing, but aren’t sure how – here are 33 easy ways to get you started:

  1. Talk about your back story – how you became who you now are.
  2. Why you started your business – your ‘why’ and the solution you wanted to provide
  3. Share your previous experience in the niche you’re now in
  4. Share stories on your previous work history – how it helped shape you, how it enables you to get to this point in your life.
  5. Celebrate your achievements – personal and professional.
  6. Share your future plans and goals – personal and professional.
  7. Talk about the results your clients have achieved.
  8. Share stories related to what you’ve learnt during your life.
  9. Share stories around what you’ve experienced running your own business.
  10. Share your opinions on what you’ve witnessed and seen.
  11. Use stories to share details of what you’ve been a part of.
  12. Share stories to highlight your opinions, thoughts and beliefs.
  13. Stories can be a great way to highlight what frustrates or annoys you.
  14. Use stories to highlight how you work with clients and help them go from A to B.
  15. Talk about your products and programs – the story behind them and the goals you have for them.
  16. Share what you’re working on right now.
  17. Share future plans and send out polls and questionnaires to gather research for them.
  18. Talk about business life and being an entrepreneur.
  19. Talk about client work you’re currently doing.
  20. Share snippets from your personal life – circumstances, situation, life events.
  21. If you have hobbies, share stories about them.
  22. Talk about what you’re currently reading/working on/watching – what you’re learning, how it’s impacting on you and what you want to improve/learn/change as a result.
  23. Share your beliefs and values.
  24. Your background and your upbringing.
  25. The journey you’re on.
  26. Share stories about how your ICA is currently – what they’re thinking, feeling and wanting.
  27. Celebrate your existing and previous clients wins.
  28. Share stories about how the future can look for your ideal clients.
  29. Showcase your clients and their business.
  30. Talk about the journey your clients are going through.
  31. Share stories about the tools you like and use – how you found them and use them.
  32. Share why you love the business services that complement what you do.
  33. Share the reason why you admire or associate with certain people.

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