One thing we can all agree on is change can be uncomfortable – especially when we’re talking about changing ourselves and our life. We may want to improve our confidence, create a better environment or even change our limiting thoughts and habits, but just the thought of it can leave us feeling like we’re about to climb the biggest of mountains!

Change isn’t always easy

Change can be hard and take time. It can seem like a massive undertaking, one that we feel ill-equipped and unprepared for. However, it’s these thoughts and beliefs that often keep us stuck, as we get overwhelmed at the potential journey ahead – often making the decision to just put it off for another day or another lifetime.

But making changes doesn’t have to be difficult and long-winded! It doesn’t have to involve big gut-wrenching changes or making life-changing decisions, especially if you’re just starting out.

30 things to try out for change

Here’s a list of 30 simple things you can do today, to start getting better connected with yourself. Doing any of these things will illustrate that change can be simple and easy! By implementing anything from this list, you’ll be switching up your focus and positivity, whilst taking gentle, baby steps towards changing yourself and your life, for the better.

  1. Listen and/or dance to some music
  2. Create uplifting and joyful playlists on Spotify
  3. Create a new Pinterest board of things that make you feel great or things you want to manifest into your life
  4. Drink 8 glasses of water during today
  5. Visualise your perfect day and/or environment
  6. Every time you walk past a mirror, stop and tell yourself that you love you (think it or say it out loud!)
  7. Turn off the news and the TV!
  8. Create a ‘My Orders for The Universe’ box – write down your requests/desires and hand them over to the Universe, by placing them in the box.
  9. Create a new affirmation for today
  10. Create a vision board of things you’d like in your life (emotions, feelings, experiences etc.)
  11. Write a letter of forgiveness to someone (you don’t have to give it to them!)
  12. Write a letter of forgiveness to yourself
  13. Spend 5 minutes connecting in with your guides and/or the inner you
  14. Spend today looking for the love and joy in everything and everyone
  15. Light a candle
  16. Spend 5 minutes in a quiet space, focusing on your breathing
  17. Smile at everyone you meet
  18. Notice your feelings today
  19. Experience the joy of giving
  20. Clear a space, cupboard, drawer or shelf
  21. Do something to appreciate yourself (paint your nails, bubble bath, wear something special, wrap in a fluffy blanket etc.)
  22. Get outside and walk in nature
  23. Go gardening or nurture a plant
  24. Pray to God, the Universe or Mother Earth
  25. Stand outside tonight and notice the stars
  26. Walk barefoot on the grass
  27. Practice gratitude by saying thank you throughout today – to people, yourself and for the things you have and the experiences that happen.
  28. Write your thoughts and feelings in your journal
  29. Dish out hugs!
  30. Buy yourself some fresh flowers

The beauty of this list is everything is quick, simple and 99% of it is free to implement! Focus on picking one or two things off the list to do today and complete the action. You can then decide again tomorrow, to do something else off the list – and every morning after that…