Hi I'm Sarah...

A fiction and non-fiction author, who creates books that both delight and inspire my readers. As a creative, I have many strings to my bow – and that’s a good thing, due to the type of work that I do – but creativity also gives me some interesting quirks:

  • Purple pens are a must – I love them. In fact, I bulk order purple pens in boxes of 50… 💜
  • I’m intuitive and empathic – so I soak up the feelings of those around me, including the environment and even the characters I’m writing about! 🤯
  • Learning new things is a blessing and a curse. It helps me write about a wide range of subjects, but it can also lead to ‘shiny object’ syndrome, if I’m not careful. 🤩
  • Since moving to Cornwall, my creativity has stepped up and the socks have come off… literally. I can’t wait to go barefoot during the day and feel the earth (or patio stones) under my feet! 🧦
  • Emotional and sensitive are my (unofficial) middle names. I’ll leave you guessing on what the ‘PJ’ officially stands for… 🤔

My first non-fiction book, The Self Confidence & Self Esteem Bible became a NUMBER ONE best-selling book on Amazon (in the ‘self esteem’ and ‘personal transformation’ categories) – reaching a staggering 15,000 downloads. I also released a little book on Elderflowers and berries, before, in 2013, I finally achieved my dream of having my first fantasy and metaphysical visionary fiction book published – The Last Angel: Book One in The Account Trilogy.

As a published author, qualified alternative therapist, life coach and Virtual Assistant (I told you I have many strings to my bow 😉), I decided to use my talents and skills, not only to write fiction books, but to also build a successful business – writing blogs and other content for busy female small business owners, covering a wide variety of niches and subjects. Since moving to Cornwall, I continue to do this, whilst also gaining time to work on books 2 and 3 of The Account Trilogy – I can’t wait to see where the characters take me!

Of course, I couldn’t end this about page without mentioning my family. I live with my wonderfully supportive husband, who ensures I’m fed regularly, stay sane and live/work in a tidy house (creatives are notoriously untidy… well I am, at least!). We share our home with Danny, our nutty, sensitive Belgian Shepherd dog – who only really likes me, his latest stick and a multitude of tennis balls!  My beautiful and talented daughter is currently studying film production at University and also designs all of my book covers for me, whilst my mum regularly cheers us all on, from the sidelines.

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