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If You Want To Stand Out In Business, You Need To Be Brave & Put More Of You Into It.


Hi, I'm Sarah, Wordsmith, Storyteller & Business Consultant, and I use my unique combination of Soul Story Sales® to help service-based female entrepreneurs confidently step into their business dreams, by crafting content that matters - content that enables them to connect with their ideal clients & market themselves, in an authentic & aligned way.

As a small business owner, your business is an integral part of your life, so you want to love what you do, learn how to do it well & be proud of your achievements. But you also need to put YOU at the heart of your business – and that means getting clear on your own unique story and being brave & confident enough to share more about you, your business, and those stories that matter, with the world.

My focus is to give you the support, help & practical advice you need to learn how to confidently own your uniqueness, effectively write & share yourself with your target audience, & build a successful business around your unique combination of puzzle pieces.

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What My Clients Say


Sarah has supported not only both of my businesses but those of my clients too, providing a variety of regular services...  

Sarah is dedicated, extremely organised, versatile and more importantly able to “get” her clients and write in their voice!  

Working with you Sarah has been an absolute pleasure. Thank you. 

~Amanda Johnson, VACT Ltd

Sarah is an outstanding marketer. I had the pleasure of working with her on my social media. Within a few days of Sarah’s Facebook management, my insights soared. What really amazed me, was how well she caught my voice in the quotes & captions, & the graphics were spot on for my brand. Sarah would be an asset to any company looking for help.

~Kasey Pierce, Systems Strategist

From our first conversation, Sarah really engaged with me & understood what I wanted to say...Getting the right tone was something I'd struggled with for months & as a result, had given up on blogging & showcasing my knowledge & skills online. Sarah not only saved me time & money but also helped me set a precedent for my business, establish myself in the online field & focus my marketing.

~Jodye Laxton, Beyond Admin Ltd

...Your stories are the most powerful way that you can communicate with your clients & prospective clients, & Sarah knows exactly how you can use them to get real engagement time & again...

I highly recommend working with Sarah so that you have authentic, heart-centred stories & a structure to use them that will help you & your business grow.

~Yvette Lamidey, The Business Locksmith

Working with Sarah has been a dream. I was apprehensive to hire a copywriter because I wasn’t sure that my voice would come through but Sarah has a unique gift of being able to get into your head & write the exact words that you’re thinking of...  I have no problems recommending Sarah’s services to my own clients because I know they are in good hands. Thank you for all your hard work Sarah!

~Lisa Pierce, Tech Strategist & Coach

Thanks for everything, Sarah.

You have been amazing to work with, & have provided great blogs & social media with very little input from me, freeing up several hours a month to do more value-added work in my business. 

I would highly recommend Sarah if you need a writer!

~Sally Farrant, Business Growth By Numbers

Featured Program


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soul story sales VIP Virtual Retreat

A 5-session 1:1 virtual retreat for the service-based female entrepreneur who wants to finally nail their business stories, marketing messages & authentic marketing. 


The Soul Stories For Business® VIP Virtual Retreat is my new flagship training program that will show you exactly how to confidently step into your business dreams, by uncovering the stories that matter in your business, so you can create marketing messages that connect & market yourself in an authentic & aligned way.

The Soul Stories For Business® VIP Retreat helps you to take the passion you already have inside you for your business & confidently turn it into great written content that connects with your ideal customer. 

So if you're currently hiding your business from the world or feeling stuck & frustrated over your lack of marketing & visibility, click on the button below to find out more! 


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